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Basic home maintenance

We’ll take care of your regular monthly maintenance.

Here’s a sample of what’s
included with every visit:

Life Safety

Test smoke & carbon monoxide detectors (replace batteries as needed)
Change furnace filters
Check fire-extinguisher pressure gauges, accessibility
Check outdoor lighting
Inspect fencing
Check for damaged electrical extension cords
Check window blind cords

Yard & Exterior Maintenance

Check for signs of rodents, pests
Check gutters are clear
Monitor exterior trim for signs of wear
Safety Check on decks, railing steps, patios
Tighten all exterior door hardware and latches


Indoor Maintenance

Check plumbing for leaks
Inspect water softener
Sump pump test
Check water heater TPR valve / flush once a year
Change light bulbs
Check and clean bathroom exhaust fans
Inspect grout and caulking
Check toilets for proper function
Inspect kitchen range hood / clean bi-annually
Sharpen garbage disposal blades
Check electrical system GFCI function
Check for cracked light switch plates (replace as needed)

Included in your home maintenance plan:

Batteries for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Standard sizes for filters
Silicone caulk
Standard switch plate covers
Standard door hinges